13th January Top Day for Digital Jobseekers

Last Tuesday, January 13th, was expected to be the most popular day this year to search for a new job in digital.  A survey undertaken by Manchester based recruiters The Candidate found that people are most likely to consider their career options on the second Tuesday in January than on any other day in the year – perhaps a case of post-Christmas blues.

The agency polled 100 candidates who contacted them on the second Tuesday of January in 2014 to ask why they were looking for a new position at this time.  The majority (61%) of those surveyed said that a reassessment of their lifestyle after Christmas prompted their search as they wanted a new challenge for the new year whilst almost a fifth (19%) of job searchers had made career advancement a New Year’s resolution.

Judging from my LinkedIn inbox on 13th January digital marketing recruiters are well and truly aware of this fact!

Here’s some Google Trends data for a selection of UK job search terms

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