Ranking #1 for Someone Else’s 9,900 Exact Match Volume Search Term for $24.97 and 45 Minutes Work

Now-“dodgy” previously equity-passing historic built links are the biggest threat to brands in 2014.

  • Techniques that were common-place a few years ago can now have serious consequences
  • Spam thresholds are continually decreasing
  • Google aren’t afraid to take action against big brands
  • Just because your link profile is cleaner than your competitors does not mean you are safe
  • You never know when your link profile could be manually reviewed or reported
  • Google will happily strip you of #1 position for your brand name

Here’s how I ranked #1 for someone else’s brand name which has 9,900 exact match monthly UK searches with 45 minutes work and $30.  This shouldn’t work.

Disclaimer: I tried this


GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk are a retailer of, well, garden buildings.

It’s fair to say they have built a brand for themselves as people are actively searching for their site by name.


They are currently brand banned from Google and no longer rank on key generics.

GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk Search Metrics Graph Brand Ban


I registered GardenBuildings-Direct.co.uk… (-£2.99/$4.97, ~5 minutes)

Godaddy registration

Set up a 1 page site of crap… (~25 minutes)


Great Content


Bought some shit links… (~15 minutes)

100 blog network links (-$10)


250 Web 2.0s (-$10)


Real quality links:


Will it rank for their brand term?  Of course it would, but how high?

[garden buildings direct]

  • #73 – 1st Feb
  • #57 – 2nd Feb
  • Page 6 – 4th Feb (morning)

Received email stating Web 2.0s completed, blog network links should also have finished around this time if they were drip-fed over 4 days.

  • #7 – 4th Feb (afternoon)
  • #8 – 9th Feb
  • #16 – 11th Feb
  • #17 – 12th Feb
  • #16 – 15th Feb
  • #1 – 17th Feb
  • #1 – 18th Feb
  • #1 – 19th Feb
  • #1 – 20th Feb

The site remained in #1 position until I received a request to remove it from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk on Feb 20th.  I blanked the site because I am a nice guy so would expect to see that drop from the ranks pretty soon given it now has no content whatsoever.

GardenBuildings-Direct.co.uk Ranks

Traffic stats (only added Analytics on the 18th):

GardenBuildings-Direct.co.uk Google Analytics 

Welcome to SEO 2014.

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