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Ranking #1 for Someone Else’s 9,900 Exact Match Volume Search Term for $24.97 and 45 Minutes Work

Now-“dodgy” previously equity-passing historic built links are the biggest threat to brands in 2014.

  • Techniques that were common-place a few years ago can now have serious consequences
  • Spam thresholds are continually decreasing
  • Google aren’t afraid to take action against big brands
  • Just because your link profile is cleaner than your competitors does not mean you are safe
  • You never know when your link profile could be manually reviewed or reported
  • Google will happily strip you of #1 position for your brand name

Here’s how I ranked #1 for someone else’s brand name which has 9,900 exact match monthly UK searches with 45 minutes work and $30. ┬áThis shouldn’t work.

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