Climb Online Website Launch Odds

Climb Online Logo

Climb Online launches tomorrow.  That’s

“product” ugh.  I do hope this has been thought through in the last 6 months.

Here are my odds.

  • 10-1 site launches with meta noindex intact
  • 15-1 search spiders blocked from crawling entire site in robots.txt on launch
  • 4-3 site contains populated meta keywords tag
  • 3-2 site is accessible both with and without www. URL prefix
  • 3-1 “as seen on BBC” banner on homepage
  • 4-3 massive image of Mark on homepage
  • 3-1 cheesy stock images
  • 2-3 main images without alt attributes
  • 3-1 doesn’t load on mobile
  • 4-1 broken links
  • 5-1 mentions SEO tactics such as directory submission
  • 15-1 link wheel diagram
  • 5-1 “get up the pecking order” appears on the site
  • 4-1 offers “guaranteed results”
  • 3-1 offers three-tiers of package: silver, gold and diamond.
  • 3-1 contains testimonials despite tomorrow being the launch
  • 3-2 contains “about us” page with no details of anyone who has worked in SEO or PPC delivery for longer than 12 months
  • 10-1 contains exact match OBL in footer
  • 1-3 Someone complains about Mark’s use of <h1> tags on Twitter within 2 hours of launch
  • 2-1 more than 5 audits of the site appear online within 48 hours of launch
  • 3-4 gets free press links thanks to massive promotion on license-fee payer funded BBC
  • 2-1 gets a link from the BBC
  • 3-2 FrankPR get Mark on at least three BBC local radio shows this week
  • 1-5 more tweets about Katie Hopkins that Mark Wright tomorrow
  • 1-2 site is still outranked by for its brand name in 2 months time
  • 4-3 sees a mysterious upturn in business
  • 1-3 other £150/month agencies bid on [climb online]
  • 2-1 backlink profile acquires large quantity of exact match anchor text links within 3 months of launch

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