The Problem with “X SEO Experts Share…” Posts

You know the kind of post:

Free content and Egobait rolled in to one.  Haven’t we had enough of these already?

It’s a numbers game.  Ask a hundred SEOs, get free content out of 30 in exchange for a link back and hope they will share or link to your post.

Unfortunately the catch-all approach has some problems.  Like if you ask the wrong person.  And don’t know any better.  And press publish.

Introducing 46 SEO Experts Reveal their $500 Link Building / Content Marketing Secret (free link for the LOLs).

About half way down the page Kevin Bland aka TheShitSEO shares his thoughts about client expectations for a 6987% ROI, buying 20,000 directory links from Mali, thinking outside the box, building links for fetish sites, demanding links in exchange for Lidl ale and Kim Kardashian’s private blog network.

As a bonus the same round-up also features Neil “only one spot left” Patel who responded to another round up asking for the “best link building strategies that don’t require content” with the gem “why not generate infographics?”. Seriously.

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